Untouchability : Effects, Solution


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What Is Untouchability?

Untouchability is a practice in which people are discriminated against on the basis of their caste, religion, occupation, region, sex, physical system of physical disability and kept at a distance as untouchable. In this practice, the people in the society are divided into two groups as touchable and untouchable. Untouchable is not allowed to touch the touchable, enter into the home of touchable, use public property, etc. It is considered that the torch of the untouchable makes the things or touchable impure.

Untouchability in Nepal

Untouchability is still widespread in the rural areas of Nepal. In some of the places, Dalits are prohibited from turning into the temple, using public water taps, etc. There is a tradition of sprinkling Holy Water on the person tossed by on touchable for purification. Search practices are commonly based on traditional benefits and also so challenging social problems. So by spreading education and awareness, it should be uprooted from society.

Effects Of Untouchability

Untouchability is the root of the problem which makes poor people always poor. It makes lower caste people deprived of their rights of education and they fall behind the race of leadership. There are many effects of untouchability but some of them are listed below.

  1. It increases social conflict.
  2. It causes social discrimination and division
  3. It lessens society’s goodwill and cooperation.
  4. It causes loss of social value and Prestige.
  5. It causes discrimination in opportunity and facility.
  6. The person may feel self-humiliation and inferiority.

Measures to Solve Untouchability

There are many ways to solve the problems of untouchability, some of them are:

  1. Spread education and awareness.
  2. Formulate and implement effective laws against it.
  3. Run the programs to increase collaboration, cooperation, and goodwill.
  4. Make provision of positive discrimination.
  5. Maintain social inclusion.

Education is the main factor through which almost all social problems can be easily finished. In rural areas of third world countries, the problems of untouchability can be seen highest. Many criminal activities take place every year on the basis of untouchability in Nepal. Recently very unhuman activities occur in Nepal due to untouchability. The Himalayan Time posted the news with the heading ” 17 Dalits killed after the introduction of act against untouchability “. Even the educated people in Nepal discriminate against people on the basis of lower caste, untouchability, racism, religion, etc. It will take some generation to eradicate the problems of untouchability in Nepal.

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