What are Social Rules?


by Alex Hurd


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A society needs certain rules to function in an organized manner. They are necessary for society to be healthy, beautiful, and well-managed. These rules are made by the participation of the members of the society. They might not be legally recognized but they are maintained with the consent of the people living in the society. It helps in maintaining the relationship, provides help in need, and increased the feeling of brotherhood among people. These rules also help to reduce the crime rate in society. Each member of society needs to follow these rules.

Social rules are based on traditional values. It can differ according to society. Small organizations like Guthi, Aama Samuha, Tole Sudhar Samiti, and local youth clubs also play an important role in maintaining these rules. Those people who do not follow the rules are either socially punished or boycott. According to the needs of the changing time and the structure of the society, these rules also undergo changes. If necessary changes are not made according to the changing times then the rules night change into bad costumes and traditions.

Alex Hurd

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