Addiction : Causes, Effects, Controls in Nepal.


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What is Addiction? Define.

Addiction is an unusually great interest in something or needs to do or have something. It includes all kinds of bad habits affecting the health of individuals, families, and society, etc. A strong and harmful need to regularly have drugs or to gamble is the major addiction in our society. Some People are addicted to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, and misuse them.

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Causes of addiction:

  1. Influence of bad company
  2. Broken home/Conflict in family
  3. The feeling of loneliness
  4. Excessive freedom
  5. Wrong rule model
  6. Mental tension, etc.

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Effects of addiction

  1. Loss of health dignity, wealth, and manpower
  2. Loss of faith from family and society
  3. Hindrances for personal and national development
  4. Increase in crime, etc.


Measure to control addiction

  1. Avoiding smoking and chewing tobacco
  2. Avoiding the company of addicts
  3. Upholding the social norms and values
  4. Respecting each other’s feelings and maintaining good relations in the family
  5. Making provision of employment
  6. Providing counseling and award to those who have left the addiction
  7. Engaging in the creative work
  8. Preventing family disharmony
  9. Caring and loving to each other,

Effort makes to check addiction

  1. Rehabilitation centers are established in different parts of the country.
  2. ‘Necrotic Drug (Control) Act, 2033’ has been implemented.
  3. Publicity against the use of drugs has been made through different media.
  4. Awareness-creating programs are launched by NGOs and INGOs.
  5. The subject matters relatives to the harmful effect of drug addiction are included in the curriculum of different levels.

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