How to identify Social Problem?


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Society is an organized group of people. We live in a society. Society faces many hindrances and difficulties in its development. Such hindrances and difficulties are called social problems. It is very necessary for an individual to know ways to identify social problems. Due to various reasons, people involve themselves in some antisocial activities. Such activities are known as social evils.

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Nepal is also suffering from numerous social problems and evils. The forms, frequency, and quantity of social problems differ with the place, religion, situation, belief, caste, class, and individual. However, they cause the same effects in society. Such social problems and evils affect the entire nation. the major causes of social problems and evil are illiteracy, ignorance, traditional values, norms, negligence of people, political instability, and so on. On the basis of Nepal’s geographical structure and economic status.

The causes of social problems and evils can be identified as follows

1. Conservative Tradition and Culture

In some societies, there are many people who are still not ready to accept change. They hold on to the old traditional values and are known as conservative people. This problem is prevalent in Nepali society as well. There are a lot of examples from different parts of the country where many males or females have been victimized and accused of witchcraft. Because of literacy, ignorance, and superstition, social problems such as the Chhaupadi system, Jhuma system, and Deuki system are in practice.

2. Discriminations

The discriminations on the basis of gender, language, region, class, ethnicity, disability have also created social evil. The discrimination towards males, females, and the third gender creates gender discrimination. Nepalese society being a male dominant society, ignorance and low economic status of women are the main reason behind it. Due to the lingual discrimination, some languages may fall behind from the mainstream of development. Though equal legal rights have been given to all physical challenges, ethnic groups, classes, gender, language, religion, culture, it has got been implemented in practice. Thus, we have not achieved our goals of solving the social problems as we expect.

3. Economic Inequality

People of different economic backgrounds live in society. The different economic status of people results in the formation of different classes in society. As a result, the lower-level people are oppressed and the higher-level people hold the oppressive character. The problem of theft, robbery increase, and there can emerge a local insurgency. The extravagance of the rich people increases the social evils and the people with low economic status go after the same practice and fall into heavy debt.

Know what is Inequality 

4. Misuse of Technology

Technology is the application of tools and methods for manufacturing and production processes. The use of technology has played a great role to make our life convenient and manageable. However, its misuse has increased nowadays. Cybercrimes carried out through social accounts, email, websites, etc are one such example. There is a high possibility of arising bad practices such as children may learn bad habits, bad foreign culture may enter in society, and criminals may expand their networks and so on through different means of the internet and technology. We have to be aware to prevent such situations. To keep such a situation in check, the ones, who are involved in cybercrime should be given legal punishment, the internet should be used for keeping and searching correct information and social networks should be used only for building positive social relationships.

Besides the problems mentioned above, there are many social problems and evils in Nepalese society. Corruption, child labor, drug addiction, alcoholism, criminal activities, abduction, difficult settlement, ransom, prostitution, bullying, and many more have been disturbing the social development of Nepal.

What is the solution to Social Problems in Nepal?

  1. The following measures can be adopted to eradicate the social problems and evils from our society: Parents should treat both sons and daughters equally.

  2. Government should launch effective plans for reducing unemployment, illiteracy, and poverty.
  3. Society should be made free from exploration, discrimination, corruption, feudality, and orthodoxy.
  4. Political parties should mobilize their campaigners for creating awareness against social problems and evils.
  5. We, common people, should raise our strong voice for truth, justice.
  6. All the stakeholders should work jointly to be aware of every one of their rights and responsibility.

These are only some strong points that can really solve the social problems in Nepal. The main thing is self-education and the learning process. Parents should give their children knowledge of civics rights then half of the problem will self solved. Another half of the problem will be solved only when an individual about his/her activities not to harm other rights.

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