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Women Rights In Nepal


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Women’s right is is an important part of human rights. These are the rights to be obtained by every woman. In 1967AD, the General Assembly of United Nations had published a formal statement about the Welfare of women and their rights. Those rights are women’s rights.

Women rights in Nepal

What rights are included in women’s rights?

Women’s rights can be listed in the following points.

  1. The end of human violence and discrimination on the basis of gender,
  2. The right to reproduction, Maternity care, and paid maternity leave,
  3. The right to get equal pay for the same work as men,
  4. Equal rights on the parental property,
  5. Right to marriage, family, religion, and education,
  6. End of bad practices like child marriage.

Why are women still lagging behind?

Women are still lagging behind due to the following reasons.

  1. The society being patriarchal,
  2. The traditional beliefs and discrimination between men and women,
  3. Women deprived of the opportunity of education,
  4. The widespread belief that women are weaker,
  5. Lack of reproductive health service for women,
  6. Due to orthodox concepts that exist in people,
  7. Lack of effect on women empowerment programs.

What rules have been made for the establishment of women’s rights and women empowerment in Nepal?

The constitution of Nepal has provisioned some points for women’s rights and empowerment with the follows:
  1. Every women cell has an equal right to lineage without any gender discrimination.
  2. Every woman shall have the right relating to safe motherhood and reproductive health.
  3. There shall not be any physical, mental, sexual psychological for any kind of violence against women, or any other kind of oppression based on religious, social, and cultural tradition, and other practices. Such an act shall be punishable by law and victim cells have the right to fair compensation as provided by law.
  4. Women cells have the right to assess participants in all state structures and bodies on the basis of the principle of operation operational inclusion.
  5. Women cell have the right to special opportunities in the spheres of education, health, employment, and social security on the basis of positive discrimination.
  6. Both the spouses shall have equal rights in property and family affairs.
The ministry of social welfare has been established to formulate policies to ensure the rights of women, children, and the disabled. The National women’s Commission has also been established for the same purpose. Besides this, the National women’s rights forum, Nepal women for women’s rights, Jagran Nepal, Saathi, CWISHAsha NepalNepal disabled women Association, etc are contributing to the rights of children and women. Nepal has ratified the convention of 1979 which eradicates every kind of discrimination against of 1979 AD every kind of discrimination against women. Every year March 8 is observed as International Women’s Day.

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