Bulllying – Causes, Effects and Control


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Bullying is the process of intimidating, insulting, or mistreating somebody weaker. Threatening, frightening, backbiting, physical or verbal attacking, provoking, spreading unnecessary rumors, etc are called bullying. Isolating somebody from the group, being arrogant, showing egotism, and making fun of others is also bullying. Such activities are generally common in childhood and gradually develop in the coming stages.

Boys bullying to girl

What are the Causes of Bullying?

Some of the major Causes of Bullying are

  1. To get noticed
  2. Jealousy/hatred
  3. Sence of revenge
  4. Aggressive personality
  5. Having power over their peers
  6. Lack of supervision
  7. Having problems at home
  8. To make fun of others

Effects of Bullying

Bullying brings an environment of distrust in personal and social relations. It weakens the fundaments of characters like respect, honor, and coexistence. An individual may feel lonely. Furthermore, it causes problems in the process of socialization.

  1. Bullying causes the beginning of disputes,
  2. Creation of violence,
  3. Self-destructive behavior,
  4. Development of the feeling of revenge,
  5. Creation of difficult situations.

What are the measures of Controlling bullying?

To prevent bullying, good works should be encouraged and bad works should be discouraged in the family and school. The habits of treating all equally and showing empathy to all the friends should be developed. The activities of developing the habit of respecting different thoughts, ability and working styles should also be done

  1. Moral and value education have been given priority.
  2.  Rules for equality and equity have been made.
  3. Legal provision has been made against all kinds of torture.
  4. Public awareness programs are being conducted to aware people regarding their duties and rights.

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