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What is Domestic Violence? Effects, Controls


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Definition of Domestic Violence

Violent behavior like bettering, mistreatment, threatening, coercion, etc to the family members within the home is known as domestic violence. The purpose of domestic violence is to establish and exert power and control over others. Men most often use it against their spouses. This kind of violence is most common not only in rural areas but in urban areas. 

Domestic Violence Effects Controls

Domestic violence is started from is like character, Manner of speaking, respect, rights, approach, etc. Common causes of domestic violence and dowry, illiteracy, poverty, addiction, illegal relationship, lending and borrowing of property, etc. Domestic Violence is a social problem that deprives women of having equal opportunity in the family.

Video on: Counceling on domestice violence

Effects of Domestic Violence

  1. The person may suffer from this depression, fear, tension, and distraction.
  2. It causes family misunderstanding and break-up in a relationship.
  3. The person may involve in drug abuse and commit suicide also.
  4. It decreases the excitement, engages and enthusiasm in person.
  5. It creates a social clash and causes a loss of prestige, respect, and value in society.
  6. It creates negative impacts on senior citizens and children in the family.

Measures to Control Domestic Violence

  1. Be civilized and remain in the discipline.
  2. Behave equally.
  3. Establish equal ownership of the property.
  4. In case of violence inform the police or concerned authority.
  5. Increase in awareness.
  6. Maintain equity against domestic violence.
  7. Respect the opinion of every member of the family.
  8. Work as per the group decision

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