Drug Abuse | Causes, Effects, Solutions


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A drug is an addictive substance that causes changes in behavior and perception. It may damage our body if taken. Illegal or excessive use of the drug is called drug abuse. If someone depends on rocks or has a great interest in taking drugs it is known as drug addiction. Drug abuse and addiction have negative consequences on individuals and society as well.

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Drug abuse is a serious public health problem that affects almost every community and family in some ways. Drug abuse causes millions of serious illnesses or injuries. Drug abuse also plays a role in many major social problems, such as drugged driving, violence, stress, and child abuse. It can lead to homeless, crime, loss of employment, failure in school domestic violence, etc.

Generally, drugs are illegal. Some of the drugs used and supplied by the drug users and drug traffickers like heroine, smack, cocaine, cannabis, Ganja, etc. The selling of substances is illegal and punishable as a crime. Strict laws are made for punishing those who are involved in the drug trafficking business. But still many people are involved in it.

Why it is difficult to stop drug trafficking?

It is very difficult to stop drug trafficking due to the following reasons.

  1. The traffic was run this business in an organized way.
  2. The traffickers use their private means of transport to supply it.
  3. They have good links in customs, airports, etc.
  4. There is a good deal of money in this business.
  5. The traffickers have links and networks with high-ranking officers and politicians.

Causes of drug abuse

The trade of using drugs is increasing rapidly in the world. About 4% of the world’s population uses the drug. Many adolescents, teenagers, and youth easily fall to drug abuse than in those because they are easily attempted by the drug traffickers. The causes of taking drugs are:

  1. Due to the influence of the bad company, they trust their Peer groups and under peer pressure, youth starts using drugs.
  2. Due to falling into the Trap of drug traders.
  3. Due to attractive advertisement of drugs.
  4. Due to a lack of peace in the family environment.
  5. Due to for stress on from family members or girl or boyfriend or community.

Effects of drug abuse on an individual

When the individual starts to take drugs. s/he,

  1. Cannot continue education
  2. Failure in the exam and cannot develop a career.
  3. Lose jobs due to less attention in work.
  4. Suffer from various diseases like AIDS, cancer, etc.
  5. Suffer from the financial crisis
  6. Shos criminal attitudes.

Effects of drug abuse in the family

Following are the effects of drug abuse in the family:

  1. Mental tension in family members 
  2. Loss of peace and social Prestige
  3. A financial crisis in the family
  4. Negative impacts on children

Effective solutions for drug abuse

There are different ways to solve the problems of drug abuse which are as follows:

  1. Strict laws should be made and implemented against drug traffickers.
  2. Mass awareness programs should be conducted to aware of the bad effects of drug abuse.
  3. Various social organizations should play an active role in public awareness.
  4. Children should be provided proper counseling.
  5. Children should be given proper love and care from their parents.
  6. More rehabilitation centers should be established for addicts.
  7. Family and society should show love and a positive attitude to the addicts.

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