Prostitution – Causes, Effects, Efforts ,Control


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Prostitution is an act of engaging in sexual intercourse or performing other sexual acts in exchange for money, or other personal benefits. It is also an impious sexual act. Though prostitution is an illegal and anti-social act, some people have adopted it as an occupation. Mainly in the city areas, it is happening secretly deceiving the security mechanism. It has to be checked in time with the effort of all.

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What are the causes of prostitution?

Major Causes of Prostitution are : 

  1. Poverty
  2. Illiteracy
  3. Unemployment
  4. Gender Discrimination
  5. Family disharmony

What are the effects of prostitution?

Some of the major Effects of prostitution are :

  1. Physical and mental torture to women.
  2. Loss of dignity and prestige of the family and community.
  3. It may spread sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.
  4. Feeling of inferiority in those who engage in prostitution.
  5. It is against law. So, one should bear legal punishment. 

What are the Controlling measures of prostitution?

Major controlling measures of prostitution are : 

  1. Poverty alleviation programs should be launched.
  2. Every sector of the state should work together to fight against this problem.
  3. Priority should be given to women’s education and employment.
  4. Skill-based training should be given to the girls and women.
  5. Effective implementation of laws should be insured.
  6. Appropriate alternatives should be provided to those who have been engaging in prostitution as an occupation. 
  7. Women’s rights should be encouraged.

Whare are the efforts made by Nepal to control prostitution?

  1. Various organizations are established to work against girl trafficking and prostitution.
  2. Human Trafficking and Transportation ( Control) Act, 2064 has been implemented.
  3. Raiding is made frequently in the possible areas of prostitution by the government and legal actions are taken against those who are involved in such an act.
  4. Various programs and policies have been brought to empower women and provide opportunities to them.

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